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I Miss My Kelly...

I feel like I don't get much time to see her. I guess that's the downside of having a big system with lots of relationships going on, but I wish I got to see her more. I know Hope and Bliss miss her a lot, and I could really do with the help looking after Rory and David.

Sigh. I guess I'll just have to wait.



What's happening with all the teen mums? Are they going to come onto this journal when they're older or are they having a seperate one? I'm just wary of having too many people on one journal...

Also, does anyone know when Alexei needs his jabs? He's two months old now, and I don't know when he's due his MMR etc.


Britain Goes Smoke-Free

Ok, the smoking ban came into place at 6am today, which I think is the best thing ever, because I don't really want Kess and Lauren to be inhaling second-hand tobacco and nicotine etc. What does everyone else think to it? I know Catherinne's over the moon about the whole thing, but what about those who are finding it hard to quit? How do they feel about not being able to smoke in public places?


I'm A Grandma... o_O

I'm a grandma. Aged 37.

Jade's such a sweet child though. And she's a lot quieter than Jet was at that age :P

Congrats to Nat and Jed, and good luck for your wedding day, whenever that might be (Nat, your dress is beautiful!).



I think several congratulations are in order.

1) To Vikki on the birth of her second child, Martha Gabrielle on May 19th

2) To Nat on the birth of her daughter Jade on May 20th

3) To Ailsa who has become the guardian of Brendan, who was born on May 15th. (Ailsa will continue to use the minis journal until she's 18)

4) To Soraya who was reunited with her son Andy, and to Allison who was reunited with her daughter Claire.

5) To Tracy on the birth of her youngest twins Hazel and Willow, born today.

6) To Raquel on the birth of her son Aidan, born May 10th

Just one question to Tracy though. You already had two kids, what did you want another two for? One's hard enough to look after!



Finally, he agreed!!!

I've been going out with David of the Cacti, and he finally agreed to marry me =D. It's taken a few attempts, but he's got that ring on his finger at last (why was I the one doing all the chasing???).

I love my fiancé. =)

Catriona xx

My Daemon

Currently a fox, but it could well change. At least, it was a fox when I posted it...


Some Quiz That's Going Around.

I was tagged by Lauren.

1) I've picked up a little medical knowledge from watching Danny and Emilie on the ward.
2) I'm partially deaf in one ear, and I've actually got a really tiny hearing aid, you can't see it though.
3) I was taught to read braille by a blind friend in secondary school.
4) I love doodling around on graphics programs.
5) I have a tattoo of a lover's knot on my left shoulder.
6) I get really freaked by lucid dreams, they're so weird!
7) I absolutely adore lemon curd muffins. They're tasty.

I'll tag people if we start to run out.




It's days like this when I realise how much I love being mum to Rose. She's so cute!

She got out earlier and started her usual babbling, coming up with more names for everyone. I'm either mama or Fiffy, and Ricky's dana or Tiffy (Tiffany :P). I think the list of names is now something like this:

Nohmee = NJ
Tucy = Lucy
Keffy = Kerry
Wof = Roz
Tap = Jam
Rope = Hope
Keffa = Tessa

Bless, she's so sweet! Even if she hasn't got our names right yet...



We'd like to welcome Nadezdha, a new member to the system. She's a single mum to Alexei, who was born today, although two weeks premature. We're all going to help out with any medical care he needs, because our little group tend to stick together. :)

So yeah. We hope to see her around, and that her son's going to be ok.